Steel Frame 

Our church reached the steel frame stage.

The type of steel they use for it is immensely strong. Take a circular bar of steel 1 inch / 25mm in diameter. If you were to attach this bar securely to your ceiling, you could hang from it 20,000 Kg, or any one of the following: 18 Honda City Cars or 2 and a half African Elephants.

This immense strength is of great advantage to buildings. The other important feature of steel framing is its flexibility. It can bend without cracking which would be great in land movement situations. The third characteristic of steel is its plasticity which means that if a building is subjected to a great force it will bend out of shape, or deform rather than just collapse, thus giving warning to inhabitants to escape. Even if steel will melt in an uncontrolled fire situation it will last longer than the other alternative, timber… good thing that we have our church next door to the local fire station.

“Now I have prepared with all my might for the house of my God the gold for things to be made of gold, and the silver for things of silver, and the brass for things of brass, the iron for things of iron, and wood for things of wood…”1 Chronicles 29:1-3

We pray that our church will be there for a long time, a place for people to meet and worship.